Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dairy Alternatives

As I explained in What is WFPBOF WOE?, dairy needs to go if you want to Beat MS.

My advice, do a clean sweep of your kitchen and throw out anything containing milk, cheese, butter and eggs.  I know you spent good money on these things, but they are robbing you of your health - no amount of money is worth that.  As Nike says, "Just do it."

Here's a few brand/item suggestions to help you with overhauling your kitchen with legal dairy alternatives:

Milk (Plain, Vanilla, Chocolate)

Always opt for unsweetened, no-oil and no carrageenan



The following items should be considered transitional foods - foods that help you transition from the dairy world to the vegan world and then as special occasion or treats after that as they most likely contain oil and are a processed food. 


Artisanal Cheese

I only break these out for special occasions as they can be pricey and very high in fat

Ice Cream



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