Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Alphabet Ankles

As a kid, I was constantly rolling my right ankle.  It wasn't that there was anything wrong with my ankle, I was just doing typical kid things - running around, jumping off things, being wild without a care in the world.

But all that spraining took its toll and as an adult, I found myself with a weak ankle.  An ankle  that could turn just by walking on any uneven surface.  Who rolls their ankle walking in grass?  Me, that's who.

So, when MS targeted the right side of my body, my weak, right, ankle became a constant source of concern.  Whenever an attack would hit, it naturally brought on foot drop and I would worry about breaking my ankle due to the increased weakness.  That worry became so incessant that I took to wearing an ankle brace, just in case.

Then one day, I started drawing the alphabet in the air with my feet.  At first, I just did capital letters, A-Z and then I worked up enough strength to do a second set, but in lower case, a-z.  I would practice this exercise every night, usually while lying on the couch, watching TV - it became a habit.  I think it was just an OCD thing at first.  But, overtime the weakness in my ankles became less and less and I realized that I had stopped rolling my ankle.  I was able to walk on any surface with no fear of turning my ankle, and even more, no fear of breaking it.

What this daily 1-2 minute exercise had done was strengthen both of my ankles, which hadn't even occurred to me was possible.  I suspect the same exercise could help with weak wrists.

I stumbled upon this life changing fix by accident, but it taught me that if I'm experiencing a problem, any problem with my body, that I shouldn't just live with it.  That there is a solution - big or small and rather than ignoring the issue, doing a little research or consulting an expert just might change my life for the better.

Beating MS!

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