Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dr. John McDougall's Curing MS Resources

"Too few people are told that within 10 years of diagnosis, even with the best treatments available, nearly half of those with Multiple Sclerosis will be wheelchair bound, bedridden, or dead. Given this hard look at the reality of Multiple Sclerosis, more people would be interested in a treatment that is cost-free, side-effect-free and stops the disease in over 90% of those people with early disease. The low-fat diet treatment for Multiple Sclerosis was developed by Roy Swank, MD, former head of the department of Neurology at the Oregon Health & Science University. He has treated more than 5,000 people over the past 50 years and the results are remarkable."

Click here for Dr. McDougall's Health & Medical Center free online resources regarding Multiple Sclerosis and diet.

Beating MS!

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