Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Recolor App For Stress Management on the coloring trend for stress reduction, I present you with the Recolor App available through iTunes.

Why do I love this app?

Because some of us aren't into arts & crafts (raises hand).  I personally love technology, so when I discovered this point and click app that allowed me to create pretty pictures with as little or as much time as I had, I dived right in!

Having this app on my Smartphone allows me to use it anywhere, anytime.  Whenever I find myself with a few minutes to spare, I whip out my phone and start coloring.  Ah Zen... (Where is that doctor?!)

Best part - it's FREE!

There is a paid monthly or yearly subscription if you feel so inclined.  Personally, I find the free version provides me all the instant stress management that I am looking to achieve.

No matter what your stress management technique is, be sure to practice daily.

Beating MS!

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