Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Baby Japanese Sweet Potatoes

Between the hours of 2-3 pm, I require a snack.

Instead of hitting the vending machine, I prefer to make my own nibbles.  Most recently, I have been delighting over oven baked, baby Japanese sweet potatoes to satisfy this period of hunger.

If you are unaware of the gloriousness of these gems, check out my Healthy Hoff post dedicated to them.

How did I find baby Japanese sweet potatoes?

Simple - I asked the produce manager of my local grocer to start carrying them (it never hurts to ask).  But, instead of stocking the regular size, which I am used to gorging on for dinner, they stocked the baby ones.  At first, I was like, is this a joke?  Then the light bulb went off - a couple of these would make the perfect snack!

So, I grabbed three packs, which gave me roughly 20 potatoes.  Once home, I scrubbed them up, pierced each one a few times and baked right on the rack at 400 degrees for about 30 - 40 minutes.  The long, thin potatoes require less time than the short, stocky ones.

What resulted was pure bliss - the skins caramelized just so and their small stature make them the perfect finger food.  Off to work I went with my four potatoes a day allotment; the jealousy dripping from my co-workers faces. These taste just a good cold as they do warm.

You know you want to try them...

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